Peat and Shauna’s Update



We had the most wonderful wedding - all due to the incredible energy and well wishes of everyone who was a part of it, either in person or from afar.

The ones who could come were damn good lookin’ too, so that makes our wedding album even better.

Our post-wedding communications promised more than we could deliver.  Its taken this long just to get our wedding photos in order!

Speaking of ordering,  you can order any of these pictures and more on...

... organized in the same manner as the pages above.  If you open the slideshow on each page in this website, you should also be able to download any photos that you might like.

If you would like to use any picture for purposes other than private joy, please contact Sarah Hodzic, photographer extraordinaire. Click here.

In the months to come, we hope to have put our house back together and will share some photos of all that you helped build!


So sorry for delays!  Hope this might warm your toes on a cold winter’s eve... Turning up the sound on your computer and clicking those music cues might help.

We got wed!

Khimaira Farm

Luray, VA

July 10, 2010

But our wedding certificate says July 7, 2010 due to human error.